Our Customers


Our customers

One of the largest international sneaker suppliers and multiple other shoe manufacturers and distributors which are leading in Europe, have chosen to collaborate with VanRiet. To show you why, some customers with their specific designed intralogistic solutions have been provided below.


Many years of great partnership between Wortmann and VanRiet has enabled Wortmann to flourish in its business. Also in 2010, when a new distribution center was constructed in Germany to meet the ever changing consumer demand. VanRiet took care of complex specific needs, to comply the total intralogistic solution to the vision of the company.


VanRiet helped Deichmann over the years with the developments of new distribution centres all across Europe, by providing the intralogistic solution. With more than 1200 stores in Germany alone, multiple distribution centres provide the right fit with the strategy of the company. Some distribution centres even deal with the completion of online orders. A solution for this omni-channel need was provided by VanRiet.


In 2013 vanHaren completed the construction of a whole new distribution centre in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, which is supplied with a completely new internal transport solution. The collaboration between vanHaren and VanRiet for the development of the internal transport solution enables vanHaren to cope with its growth ambitions.


Torfs decidedto build a new distribution centre in 2007 in co-operation with applied logistics provided by VanRiet. A solution was build to sort bulk packaged boxes and individual products through the same system. This should satisfy the future expansion needs.